To help the under-privileged, especially women, without discrimination to their religion, race, colour, ancestry or disability by facilitating their equitable access to resources.


To help the under-privileged, especially women to get basic education and acquire vocational skills to earn their living and acquire independence. We also provide them with support for healthcare facilities to improve their quality of life. In addition, we give direct financial support to individuals and families to help them overcome poor health and nutrition to provide them with relief from financial hardship.


Having the benevolent intent uppermost in mind, we uphold four key values:

  • Respect: Respect is the foundation of any partnership. It is based on the concept of humanity and human dignity. Respect requires open and honest communication. It will enable us to work successfully and with commitment with the underprivileged and not so fortunate segment of our society.
  • Transparency: The trust operates in a fully transparent manner and its work is meticulously documented. It is also audited on an annual basis by a certified Chartered accountant. Checks and balances have been incorporated at various stages of the reimbursement process to eliminate any chance of fraud.
  • Integrity: Integrity is the cornerstone of what will make us credible to everyone especially the stakeholders. It obliges us to keep our promises and do what we say. Integrity permits only those transactions and dealings that conform to our values.
  • Discipline: Discipline determines a set of rules, regulations, standards and procedures deemed necessary for an organisation. It encourages the employees to conform to the established standards to achieve the organisational mission and vision to ensure organisational success.